Grave Business Cover Art

Grave Business

You are a Necromancer. In fact, you are a particularly dangerous one, as you are a Necromancer with a business plan. Your zombies will dig up and loot valuables from graves, and while they’re there, they can also grab fresh body parts so you can make MORE zombies to dig up MORE graves. Sounds good, right? Unfortunately, it’s so good that other Necromancers are now competing with you for the choice cemeteries!

Grave Business
Minion Games, 2011
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You play one of these four Necromancers:

Each has they own brand of Zombie servant:

Each Necromancer gets their own laboratory where they can start building more zombies:

Necromancers use their zombies to dig up the Graveyard. There they find body parts they can use to make more zombies, and also…. treasures!

Grave Business – The Graveyard
Art by Chuck Whelon

You can also use your zombies to attack other zombies, or raid your opponents laboratories.

You will learn to count in Bones and Brains:

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Players start with zombies of varying values. They take turns placing zombies in specific location to “dig” up graves, steal from opposing laboratories and vaults, and to attack other player’s zombies to try and prevent them from digging or stealing (and possibly dismember the opposing zombie beyond further use).

Once all the zombies have been placed, zombies still in position will steal body parts or treasure from opponents, and those set to dig will dig the row, column, or specific space of the graveyard they are assigned to. If you are competing for spaces in the graveyard (which is the norm), players compare the combined brainpower of their digging zombies, and the higher value gets to the contents of the grave first.

Then you may use your new-found corpse pieces and equipment to assemble new zombies to do your bidding!

The goal is to have the highest total in treasure and unused body parts at the end of the game.


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Grave Business Cover Art
Grave Business
Cover Art by Chuck Whelon
Minion Games, 2011

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I am an internationally published author and cartoonist. I am the creator, artist and writer of "Pewfell", a semi-autobiographical, epic fantasy sit-com that began it’s life on the interweb back in the early 2000’s.

I have created a large number of children's puzzle and activity books for various publishers, I also designed and illustrated the comic boardgame "Legitimacy" published by Minion Games, and have illustrated a number of other boardgames for Minion.

I am also known as the cartoonist for Goodman Game's 'Dungeon Crawl Classics' Role Playing Game. I am also the author of a puzzle book for kids called 'Wizard Pickles'--if you would like to publish it, let me know!

In my previous life, Chuck worked as an art director in the advertising world but I promises that I won’t do it again.

I was born and raised near the Basingstoke roundabout, but now live in San Francisco, CA.