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Visiting Wizard: Matt Bayne

Visiting Wizard: Matt Bayne published on 4 Comments on Visiting Wizard: Matt Bayne

Matt Bayne is a brilliant artist whose work I have admired for a long time. His ‘Knights of the Shroud’ strip on Girl-a-matic is excellent. His style is a little less cartoony and his subject matter a little more illustrative and emotionally-based that what we typically do here at the Tower of Ur — i.e. his heroines are not all buxom babes in chaimail bikinies (though some certainly are, and for the most part they do all wield swords). He uses beautiful clean lines and has a marvelous sense of design. His art always has a perfect balance of cool detail and cartoon simplicity. He also clearly had a love of old-school, D&D-style fantasy, as evidence by these pieces from his DeviantArt Gallery, where you can find a lot more of his work. He also does a great line in Harry Potter fan-art, including this little gem.

Yep, Matt is fantastic and, like all of you wizards here, one of the artists who really inspires me to make the best darn comics I can. Hopefully he’ll stop by and say hello!


Cool work! I love the D&D influence! Very Gygaxian.

Water weirds hold a special place in my heart because of the cover to one of the old choose-your-own-quest books. I once had a brief correspondence with Rose Estes, the original author of those books. Very nice lady.

Anyway, love this artwork. It's actually quite charming. Thanks for sharing!

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