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Those Pesky Humans Character Designs

Those Pesky Humans Character Designs published on No Comments on Those Pesky Humans Character Designs

You’ll need to do a bit of sideways scrolling to see all the pesky humans and monsters I’ve created for the upcoming boardgame from Minion games called “Those Pesky Human”.

Here’s the cover image too:

The initial PDF release of the game should be happening very soon – just a few last i’s to dot and t’s to cross (including licensing a lovely font from our brother over at Blambot). We plan to soon follow that up with a full-on printed edition, maybe even in time for the holidays 😉

The PDF uses some amusingly recycled Pewfell art on the cards. The final version will have all original art.

Stay tuned for release details. In the meantime, see more here:

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