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Universal Problem #1 – Hats

Universal Problem #1 – Hats published on No Comments on Universal Problem #1 – Hats



This comic is for my bro, Mike Jordan. I was chatting with him about hats, when I had this thought. He said I should make a comic out of it: “The World According to Chuck”, and that’s when my ideas for this strip really started to come together.

I got very into the idea of “Pilgrim” hats last November. They are good for Thanksgiving, Halloween, Charades, Wizardry, Solomon Kane Cosplay, and Educating People About Puritanism. More people in the USA should remember that the Puritans won the English Civil War, Then they executed king Charles I, and set about persecuting everybody so badly that after 12 years the people restored Charles II to the throne, established the current Parlimentary system, and booted the Puritans off  to America, where they’ve never stopped complaining about how everybody persecutes them!

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