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Sci-Fi San Francisco

Sci-Fi San Francisco published on No Comments on Sci-Fi San Francisco
This is the cover to “Sci-Fi San Francisco”, a new anthology of 20 comics set in the future of our fair city. It’s from Skodaman Press who published “The Comic Book Guide to the Mission” a few years back. This one hae been a while in the making, but it looks like publisher Lauren Davis has done an incredible job of putting together the work of some fantastic local comic creators. Check it out here:

Resistance is Useless

Resistance is Useless published on No Comments on Resistance is Useless

 Alan Watts has something similar to say. It applies to purple monsters too:


Owlpanda published on No Comments on Owlpanda

New design added to my rebubble store:

Drumposaurus Rex

Drumposaurus Rex published on 1 Comment on Drumposaurus Rex


The evolved form of Trumposaurus is the Drumposaurus Rex.





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