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Resistance is Useless

Resistance is Useless published on No Comments on Resistance is Useless

 Alan Watts has something similar to say. It applies to purple monsters too:

Survival of the Fittest.

Survival of the Fittest. published on No Comments on Survival of the Fittest.

Enter the Drumposaurus

Enter the Drumposaurus published on No Comments on Enter the Drumposaurus

Masters of Webcomics: Ryan North

Masters of Webcomics: Ryan North published on 1 Comment on Masters of Webcomics: Ryan North

A wide-ranging, career-spanning interview with Ryan North, in which we get to learn all about the creation of Dinosaur Comics, Ryan’s move into published comics such as Adventure Time for Boom Studios and Squirrel Girl for Marvel. We also talk about To Be or Not To Be: That is the Adventure, Ryan’s Shakespeare-based choose-your-own-adventure illustrated novel, which was the most successful “publishing” project ever on Kickstarter. Ryan is also the inventor and developer of the ingenious web advertising platform Project Wonderful. A truly brilliant, witty and inventive guy, who has build a very successful career out of his work in webcomics.


Dinosaur Comics:

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The Webcartoonist’s Song written & performed by webcartoonist Owen Dunne:



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