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You’re invited…

You’re invited… published on No Comments on You’re invited…

Come to the book release party for the totally awesome, must-read, new comics antholugy: “Sci-Fi San Francisco” – this Saturday at Mission Comics & Art:

Celebrate the Bay Area’s deeply weird future with Sci-Fi San Francisco, a collection of comics about everything from secret societies to hyper-evolved kitty cats, from space travelers at the Legion of Honor to robots at Bay to Breakers, from genetic caste systems to social media private eyes. Come find out what the future (and alternate present) holds!

Sci-Fi San Francisco features a cover by the inimitable Chuck Whelon and 20 black-and-white comics, featuring the work of:

Storm Arcana, Walker Ricon, & Yabette Swank
Eli Bishop
Craig Campbell
Sean Chiki
Beth Dean
Danny Djeljosevic & Diana Naneva
Emma Dudley & John Mathis
Jamaica Dyer
Shaenon K. Garrity
Pete Glanting & Eric Wong
Steph Godfrey
Joe Hewitt
Cheryl Leong & Philip Lambert
Jackie Lo
Ed Luce
Karen Luk
Jonas Madden-Connor


Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Holiday Gift Guide 2017 published on No Comments on Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Here is the Planet Urf Entertainment holiday shopping guide for 2017. Fun stocking-stuffers for the more demented members of your family. Great for keeping your kids off their devices for up to 5 minutes. Or just give up and get them the Kindle editions…

New for 2017:

World Travel Puzzles & Mazes

Good Times Puzzles Mazes:

Still Available:

Wizard Pickles Original Edition

More challenging puzzles for smart-ass kids:


Not yet Banned:

Pewfell Books 1-5

Just like YouTube, in that it’s officially inappropriate for kids under the age of 12, but Donald Trump is President, so who cares?!

Talking of El Presidenté

Different Donalds

All the Donalds, any way you want them.

The Bacon Flag

Join me in celebrating the United States of Bacon.

Sci-Fi San Francisco

Sci-Fi San Francisco published on No Comments on Sci-Fi San Francisco
This is the cover to “Sci-Fi San Francisco”, a new anthology of 20 comics set in the future of our fair city. It’s from Skodaman Press who published “The Comic Book Guide to the Mission” a few years back. This one hae been a while in the making, but it looks like publisher Lauren Davis has done an incredible job of putting together the work of some fantastic local comic creators. Check it out here:

Resistance is Useless

Resistance is Useless published on No Comments on Resistance is Useless

 Alan Watts has something similar to say. It applies to purple monsters too:


$Hitcoin$ published on 5 Comments on $Hitcoin$

Also, unlike Bitcoin, the have intrinsic value – as fertilizer.

Survival of the Fittest.

Survival of the Fittest. published on No Comments on Survival of the Fittest.

You Bring The Ducks

You Bring The Ducks published on No Comments on You Bring The Ducks


Undecided published on No Comments on Undecided

Masters of Webcomics: SVCC Panel with Andy Weir

Masters of Webcomics: SVCC Panel with Andy Weir published on No Comments on Masters of Webcomics: SVCC Panel with Andy Weir

The Masters of Webcomics Panel at Silicon Valley Comic Con 2016, featuring “The Martian” author Andy Weir (a former webcomicer at, with Shaenon Garrity (, Jason Thompson (, Jonathan Lemon ( & Jason Shiga ( Hosted by Chuck Whelon ( & (live via satellite) Adam Prosser ( The Masters of Webcomics Theme Tune is “The Webcartoonist’s Song” by Owen Dunn (http://www.YouDamnKid).

Masters of Webcomics is a podcast by webcartoonists, about webcartoonists, for webcartoonists. Featuring archival, career-spanning interviews and chat with webcomic creators and your friends in the webcomics community, past and present. Inspirational listening for when you are inking or coloring your comics. Edifying for the eager young creator, life-affirming for the aged has-been, and fun for webcomics fans everywhere.

For further reading, here’s an article about the event that Shaenon wrote for The Comics Journal:

SEE the exciting HD video of this panel on YouTube:


Masters of Webcomics: Silicon Valley Comic Con Post Mortem

Masters of Webcomics: Silicon Valley Comic Con Post Mortem published on No Comments on Masters of Webcomics: Silicon Valley Comic Con Post Mortem

In which the recent Silicon Valley Comic Con SVCC is dissected in a post mortem examination. We reveal that it was a hugely entertaining family event, that was very well put together by its organizers and promoted by its celebrity guests.

Former podcast guests, Shaenon Garrity and Amber Greenlee join hosts Adam Prosser and Chuck Whelon for this panel discussion. Amber gives feeble excuses for failing to appear on the “Maters of Webcomics” panel at the show, and suffers a detailed blow-by-blow account of the proceedings from Chuck. As usual, Shaenon is witty and on point – when not being distracted by her parenting duties, that is. Adam’s big giant head is reminisced over, and the pros and cons of cons are discussed. Chuck reveals that Stan Lee is his nemesis.

Strange noises provided by Robin.

Additional content for our Patreon Subscribers can be founds here:


Shaeneon Garrity:

Amber Greenlee: http:/

Chuck Whelon:

Adam Prosser:

The Webcartoonist’s Song written & performed by webcartoonist Owen Dunne:

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