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The Comic Book Guide to the Mission

The Comic Book Guide to the Mission published on No Comments on The Comic Book Guide to the Mission

Cover illustration.Tour the Mission’s history, its hot spots, its arts, and its people with over two dozen writers and artists. It’s a unique look at a unique and ever-changing neighborhood. Suggested for mature readers only.

Spend a sunny afternoon in Dolores Park. Tour the murals of the Mission from the 1970s through the present day. Go back in time to the Mission Creek settlement and Woodward’s Gardens. Delve into thrift stores and hunt for the perfect taco. Watch a young lawyer try to fit in with his hipster neighbors, and share ten years of memories with a young married couple. Witness culture and crime, gentrification and inspiration. Get lost in the streets and, of course, read comics! The Comic Book Guide to the Mission looks at San Francisco’s Mission District through the eyes of two dozen artists and writers. Through their stories, drawings, and memories, they offer a unique view of a vibrant and ever-changing neighborhood.

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