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Masters of Webcomics: Silicon Valley Comic Con Post Mortem

Masters of Webcomics: Silicon Valley Comic Con Post Mortem published on

In which the recent Silicon Valley Comic Con SVCC is dissected in a post mortem examination. We reveal that it was a hugely entertaining family event, that was very well put together by its organizers and promoted by its celebrity guests.

Former podcast guests, Shaenon Garrity and Amber Greenlee join hosts Adam Prosser and Chuck Whelon for this panel discussion. Amber gives feeble excuses for failing to appear on the “Maters of Webcomics” panel at the show, and suffers a detailed blow-by-blow account of the proceedings from Chuck. As usual, Shaenon is witty and on point – when not being distracted by her parenting duties, that is. Adam’s big giant head is reminisced over, and the pros and cons of cons are discussed. Chuck reveals that Stan Lee is his nemesis.

Strange noises provided by Robin.

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