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Pewfell Volume 5, Book 4, Page 20

Pewfell Volume 5, Book 4, Page 20 published on No Comments on Pewfell Volume 5, Book 4, Page 20

The concluding page of Pewfell Volume 5 – Green Achers.

This page confronts some of my issues around the conflict between my doing children’s illustration work and what I like to do on Pewfell and other more grown-up oriented projects. I don’t know why I can never resist the urge to be naughty and inappropriate when doing Pewfell. I keep telling myself that there’s no reason for it, and next time I’ll keep it clean. Oh well. At least I’ve never attended a live performance at the Ritzkrakker Theater. Shame, Strangeblob, shame on you!!!

More family fun soon…

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