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Matt Dixon

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So while I’m here, there’s a few ‘Share the Love’ type posts I’ve been meaning to make. The first is for fantasy illustrator Matt Dixon, who’s work I recently discovered. As you may already have guessed, it was a bit of an influence on my work for Battle Maerchants. I love Matt’s comical tone and the fun subjects he chooses. I also love his color palette and his use of lost and found edges, and the general looseness of his style. Does the fact that he is British have anything to do with it. No, but I was pleasantly delighted when I found out that he is!

His Official Site:
His Deviant Art Page: MattDixon on deviantART

This was the first image of his that I found while I was researching orcs for Battle Merchants. The more I looked at it, the more I loved it:

Here are some others that are sure to appeals to the denizens of Urf. Although my guess is that you would probably enjoy most all of his work:

Ahh well, I could go on all day… 🙂

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