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Masters of Webcomics: Jason Thompson

Masters of Webcomics: Jason Thompson published on No Comments on Masters of Webcomics: Jason Thompson

A highly entertaining conversation with the extremely talented Jason Thompson. Jason’s gotten quite well known in recent years as the creator of a series of official classic D&D module walkthrough maps, which you’ve probably seen on the interweb if you are a tabletop gamer. Jason is a man of boundless imagination and this is just one of the very many other diverse projects he has worked on. Others we talk about include his webcomic “The Stiff”, his “King of RPGs” manga, and his several successful Kickstarter campaigns, including the one for his epic and masterfully creepy comic-book adaptation of H. P. Lovecraft’s “Dreamquest of Unknown Kadath”.
The conversation otherwise ranges from 80s horror movies, to the early days of D&D,  Jason’s upcoming boardgame “Mangaka”, and Adam Prosser’s Left Brain-Right Brain theory of comics. Later, Jason convinces the impressionable Chuck to finally finish reading Moby Dick after giving up on it 25 years ago.
The interview opens with Jason revealing that the secret to his success may have something to do with his childhood diet, and he concludes (after a quick APE 2015 report) with a magical tip that could prevent any artist from ever starving to death… if only they can truly believe!!!

Jason’s main site:
Dreamquest of Unknown Kadath:
The Stiff:
The Map of Zombies:
The Street Master:
King of RPGs:
The Webcartoonist’s Song written & performed by webcartoonist Owen Dunne:

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