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Masters of Webcomics: Shaenon Garrity

Masters of Webcomics: Shaenon Garrity published on No Comments on Masters of Webcomics: Shaenon Garrity

Adam and Chuck are very excited to interview one of the first ladies of webcomics. Shaenon Garrity is the pioneering creator of two major webcomic series (and several other littler ones) Narbonic and Skin Horse, both expertly combine daily gag humor with long-form epic storytelling. Shaenon started making webcomics in the year 2000, has written for Marvel, and is intimately involved with San Francisco’s Cartoon Art Museum. She is also a new parent and Chuck postulates that she may, in fact, be the first and only mother to make webcomics.

You may notice some squeaky, chirping noises. They were made by Shaenon’s parrakeet, and are not, in fact, the sounds that Adam Prosser makes when he moves his head. You might also think that the crashing and banging you hear later in the episode is being caused Shaenon’s toddler son, but that actually IS Adam, trying to escape from the small commode in which Chuck keeps him imprisoned.

Adam’s digressions range as far and wide as ElfQuest, his genuine fear of the Rancor, and Sean the Sheep.

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