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Masters of Webcomics: Tony Furtado

Masters of Webcomics: Tony Furtado published on No Comments on Masters of Webcomics: Tony Furtado

A shambolic second episode, which is totally saved by the awesomeness of our amazing guest, the eternally brilliant A.P. Furtado, and his incredible radio voice.

Inspired by the work of Moebius and Bode in the Heavy Metal magazines he used to read as a teenager, Tony Furtado has been creating uncompromisingly excellent comics in his own unique and beautifully drawn style since the before the dawn of webcomics.

Mr. Furtado tells of his experiences as an independent comics creator, while Adam and Chuck dream that someday, somehow, they might learn to be half as cool as he is.


Tony Furtado on Deviant Art:


Elf ‘n’ Troll:

Debris: The Art of AP Furtado:

Pewfell Webcomic by Chuck & Adam:

The Webcartoonist’s Song written & performed by webcartoonist Owen Dunne:


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