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Masters of Webcomics Panel at Silicon Valley Comic Con

Masters of Webcomics Panel at Silicon Valley Comic Con published on 3 Comments on Masters of Webcomics Panel at Silicon Valley Comic Con

I’m thrilled to announce that I will be hosting a very exciting “Masters of Webcomics” panel at the upcoming Silicon Valley Comic Con next month ( The show is the weekend of March 19th-20th, and the panel will be on the Sunday, March 20th, in Room 2 at 12:00 noon.

Many of the panelists were guests on the first season of my “Masters of Webcomics” podcast, which you can find on iTunes and at They are: Shaenon Garrity (, Amber Greenlee (, Jonathan Lemon (, Jason Thompson (, Jason Shiga ( and a special mystery guest (the attached flier will give you a big clue as to his identity — and no, it’s not Matt Daemon)!

This being Silicon Valley, I’m also going to attempt a live digital ‘satellite linkup’ with my co-host, Adam Prosser ( Also, my good pal Don Howe ( reckons he knows how to record the whole thing for playback in Virtual Reality! So it’s all going to be incredibly stimulating.

I’ll be exhibiting at the con (booth #96), with copies of my Pewfell graphic novels, my boardgame “Legitimacy“, and children’s puzzle book “Wizard Pickles“. The con is expected to sell out, so get your ticket now!!!!

Chuck Whelon
Feb 24th 2016



Ah, you may not remember this but we met at the closing of Saturday’s session of Silicon Valley Comic Con. I cannot attend on Sunday and was wondering where I may access the broadcast. Please reply.

Hi Gabriella, Thanks for asking. Unfortunately Dinosoar Don went on a rampage, so the VR recording didn’t come off, but I am told that there is a good audio recording of the event, which I will track down from the organizers of the show, if I can. I’ll make a podcast of the event and post some of the may photos that were taken. Watch this space!


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