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Masters of Webcomics: Dirk Tiede

Masters of Webcomics: Dirk Tiede published on No Comments on Masters of Webcomics: Dirk Tiede

We chat with another ModernTales alumni, Dirk Tiede, creator of the long-running police procedural/horror webcomic Paradigm Shift. Dirk tells us the story of the strip’s creation, and we probe him about the effort of will that is required to produce a long-running, regularly updating webcomic. We also learn about his career as an independent freelance illustrator, his epic year-long battle with Repetitive Strain Injury, and what he’s up to now


Dirk Tiede Illustration Portfolio:
Pardign Shift:
Dirk on DeviantArt:
Dirk on Twitter:

RSI for computer users on amazon: – A fantastic book about dealing with Repetitive Strain Injury, it’s must read for all artists, especially if you use a computer. It’s a few years old now, but the techniques, stretches & practices it outlines helped me immensely and it can help you too.

The Webcartoonist’s Song written & performed by webcartoonist Owen Dunne:


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