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Inktober Day 18 – Oliver Cromwell

Inktober Day 18 – Oliver Cromwell published on No Comments on Inktober Day 18 – Oliver Cromwell

Yes, since winning the English Cilvil War (1642-1651) Oliver Cromwell has indeed been destroying America with his puritans ways. After the war King Charles I was beheaded, and the country was ruled by the Parliament for 12 years, lead by Oliver Cromwell. When he died, he was so unpopular that Charles 2 was brought back from exile in Europe, and England ended up with the monarchy it has today.

The Puritans were the world’s fist minimalists, oblitterating all manner of beautiful, but pagan-seeming, medieval art for the churches, of which only tantalizing glimpses remain. These scenes show last judgements and demons and Devils of all kinds to delight the modern cartoonist.

After Cromwell’s death, everyone was sick of puritans, so they were pretty much hounded out of the country, so they left to set up shop over here in the USA. Well, each to their own, I say, but my general feeling is that puritans don’t like cartoons.


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