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Ferdinand #1

Ferdinand #1 published on No Comments on Ferdinand #1

Ferdinand_00001 copy#1 in a series about a frog in the vortex. Where it goes to, nobody knows. Actually, it’s a twister, Aunty Em, and it’s going to take us over the rainbow!!!

As those of you who know me can attest, I got this crazy idea about the vortex about a year ago. It’s about how all tornados are just part of the one great tornado, and how we are all our own little tornados, and how tornados connect us to our atoms, and to the stars and to the oneness of being, and how everything can be explained by this metaphore. I posit that even quantum entanglement can easily be explained as a tornado splitting into two tornados, both eternally connected via their oneness with the great tornado of time and space that is the vortex!*

The timing was interesting. Some months before the election of our new/old 1980s President, the wrong Mr. T. (who, I have heard, claims himself to be a master of the tornado, at the eye of the storm).

ANYWAY, as I was scribbling a drawing of a tornado, I suddenly thought to put Ferdinand in it. Ferdinand is a character I first drew years ago, long before the age of computers. He is always lurking at the back of my mind, waiting for me to have a reason to draw him, but I ‘d had no real concept for him in years. Now, I suddenly thought about how tadpoles can be swept up in a freak weather system, and grow up to be frogs without ever touching the land, only to later be rained down alive. Well, as with most of my facts, I haven’t bothered to check if it’s actually true (I’ll leave that to you, Internet) but it seemed to me to be the metaphore I had been looking for. Beacuase, really, aren’t we all, always, just spinning in the vortex?

Now, I had the format for a comic strip that could express some of the many stupid thoughts that go through my brain on a daily basis. I’d been thinking about such a thing since my dear brother-in-law, Mikey Jordan, had recently suggested I draw a “World According to Chuck” strip.

Well, I’ve been dithering about, and trying to shape the thing just right, and been kind of afraid to spend too much time on it, or to actually start the thing. But I told myself I would get on with it after I got back from a trip the the UK this summer, and I’ve run out of excuses not to do it.

So, at least, I’ve got a batch of 14 of them written up, which I will be releasing every day for the next 2 weeks. After that I have a ton of notes about more stuff I could use, but I have no idea if or how it will work. So consider this to be an experiment, which I may decide to destroy at any second.

I have a bunch of writings and other comic ideas, which I might also/instead start sorting out and publishing here on Medium. If you ever decide you like my work enough to actively make me make more of it, please go here:

I’ll be back with more tomorrow. In the meantime, let me know what you think. Yer feedback is much appreciated, me darlin’.


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