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Dr. Pill arrives

Dr. Pill arrives published on No Comments on Dr. Pill arrives



Hmm, well, not much of a joke here, the point is that I’m always coming up with characters. I never know how much I really have to say with any of them, I just like coming up with them. So part of what I think this series is going to be about is as a vehicle to show off some of these different personalities. I might really jump around quite a bit. Anyway, suffice to say that there are back stories to all the characters in the second panel here. Also I like the idea of them all kind of being like neighbors. Jesus said we should love our neighbors, and I have always gotten on very well with mine over the years, no matter how weird they are! 😉 The characters in the strip, however, are not based on anyone in particular. They are all, no doubt, aspects of my own personality, ejected by my diseased mind for your enjoyment.

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