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Geek Dad Likes Wizard Pickles

Geek Dad Likes Wizard Pickles published on

Derrick Schneider of the Geek Dad blog gives WP a great write-up here:

KidLit Reviews

KidLit Reviews published on

More good coverage for Wizard Pickles, this time on KitLit Reviews Blog:

The Great Raven Guest Post

The Great Raven Guest Post published on

I wrote a guest post on “The Great Raven”, an Australian sci-fi & book review blog, to blather on about myself and Wizard Pickles:

The Great Raven: Wizard Pickles – Guest Post From Chuck Whelon

“Wizard Pickles” A Kickstarter “Staff Pick”

“Wizard Pickles” A Kickstarter “Staff Pick” published on

Hooray! My latest Kickstarter project  “Wizard Pickles” is a Kickstarter “Staff Pick”. Read all about it (and see stoopid video) here:

It’s for kids, so if you have one (or have ever been one) then I made this book for you. It is highly edjumacational.


Prepare to solve a magical mystery…

Aunt Wilma’s lost her magic wand! Now it’s up YOU to help young Mazie Pickles track it down, before the pesky critters who stole it cause any more mischief!

On your quest, you’ll travel through a mysterious forest, visit a castle, escape a dungeon, and even ride a dragon. Yes, you’ll get into all kinds of crazy pickles as you explore every inch of this richly-detailed, comic fantasy world.

Wizard Pickles contains a multitude of perplexing problems for all ages, from simple search and find activities to muddling mazes, cryptic codes, and complex logic problems that will keep you baffled for many hours of puzzling fun!!!




Some sample spreads from the book:

WizardPickles_Bk1_p01_TheFarm WizardPickles_Bk1_p06_TheDungeon WizardPickles_Bk1_p07_TheDragon WizardPickles_Bk1_p08_TheMap

Pewfell Issue #24 Released on

Pewfell Issue #24 Released on published on

What with making his monthly sales quotas and homeschooling his kids, Pewfell’s life is no longer his own. Could popular children’s entertainer StrangeBlob NoPants be the answer to all his problems?!?

Yes, folks, Pewfell#24 is done and posted! Right now it’s exclusively available as a PDF download on And what is more, I have a special coupon code for you to get a copy during the month of July for half-off. That’s 99¢, to you!!

Just use this link:




Pewfell Volume 5, Book 4, Page 20

Pewfell Volume 5, Book 4, Page 20 published on

The concluding page of Pewfell Volume 5 – Green Achers.

This page confronts some of my issues around the conflict between my doing children’s illustration work and what I like to do on Pewfell and other more grown-up oriented projects. I don’t know why I can never resist the urge to be naughty and inappropriate when doing Pewfell. I keep telling myself that there’s no reason for it, and next time I’ll keep it clean. Oh well. At least I’ve never attended a live performance at the Ritzkrakker Theater. Shame, Strangeblob, shame on you!!!

More family fun soon…

Pewfell Volume 05, Book 4, page 19

Pewfell Volume 05, Book 4, page 19 published on

Hooray, it’s the penultimate page of the current Pewfell story!

Pewfell Volume 5, Book 4 p18

Pewfell Volume 5, Book 4 p18 published on

Yes, I know, I am almost as bad about updating my comic as Pewfell is at being a wizard. Funny that. Support me on Patreon and I will update more often!

Street View of BlaqkDoor Games


BlaqkDoor published on

While on vacation in Mendocino County last week, I was delighted to discover a fantastic new game store in Fort Bragg called “BlaqkDoor”. It is a very modern start-of-the-art game and comic shop with an excellent selection of the latest boardgames, comics, video games and collectibles.

The staff were all super friendly and helpful, and the owner, Scott, is a very likable guy, who I chatted to for ages about my favorite subjects: boardgames & comics.

I was glad to see he had a copy of Minion Games’ “Manhattan Project” on his shelves, but he obviously hadn’t heard about such other gems as “Those Pesky Humans”, “Tahiti”, “Grave Business”, “Nile” or “Battle Merchants”, not to mention the greatest boardgames of all time: “Legitimacy”. So, I rectified that fact by chewing his ear off for half-an-hour on the subject of how those all are far superior titles from the same publisher!

Anyway, now you have no excuse at all not to go to the Mendocino coast for you next weekend mini-break.

BlaqkDoor on Facebook

Address: 344 N Main St, Fort Bragg, CA 95437

Phone:(707) 813-7209

BlaqkDoor on Google Maps



I am too wobbly to take photographs, so here are some pics of the store that I found on the web:

Outside BlaqkDoorOwner Scott Outside BlaqkDoor Games in Fort Bragg

Inside BlaqkDoor Games in Fort Bragg
Inside BlaqkDoor Games in Fort Bragg
Friendly Staff at BlaqkDoor Games in Fort Bragg, Mendocino County
Friendly Staff at BlaqkDoor Games in Fort Bragg, Mendocino County
Street View of BlaqkDoor Games
Street View of BlaqkDoor Games in Fort Bragg, Mendocino County. On Main street, right near the Skunk Train station.


PP05_Bk04_p17 published on
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