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PP_Vol01_Bk01_p01 published on No Comments on PP_Vol01_Bk01_p01

Meet Pewfell, just your ordinary, everyday wizard.

This first story was written somewhat later than some of the ones that follow it. When I first put the strips together to make Pewfell in: Welcome to Spirekassle, I felt that the series needed a better introduction, so Adam Prosser helped me write this one. One day we will go back and do a proper origin story. This one just kind of throws you in and introduces the main characters.


Vol_01-Bk1_Cover_6x9_72dpi published on No Comments on Vol_01-Bk1_Cover_6x9_72dpi

Welcome to the new home of the whole Pewfell archive, together at last, and privately hosted. It’s been other places before, including, Keenspace/ComicGenesis, WebcomicsNation, Clickwheel, DrunkDrunk, ComicFury, ComiXology… You name it! Of course, the only problem with moving it is that I lost all those nice comments people have left over the years. I hope you will break the ice here and say hello!