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Moebius: Article/Interview

Moebius: Article/Interview published on No Comments on Moebius: Article/Interview
Moebius - Jean Giraud
Moebius – Jean Giraud

This is a great article on Jean “Moebius” Giraud. I have many things and people that inspire me to create but none come close to the inspiration this man has provided me with since I was a young teen discovering Heavy Metal Magazine for the first time. It’d be a few years after that initial discovery, when my mind was entrenched in sex, drugs and rock n’ roll but, when I came back to the world of comics Moebius was there to welcome me back. I hope the trip never ends.

Play Nice.


ELFQUEST…Online! published on 4 Comments on ELFQUEST…Online!

I’ve been a fan of Elfquest for a very long time. It was back in the day when you’d only hear rumors of comics that existed outside of the spandex clad “Big Two”. I remember wandering into a head-shop back in 1979, drawn in by the electric neon glow of a Led Zep black light poster. As I wandered through I noticed a comic section. Ladies and gentlemen, if I tell you that my world changed that day, I’d probably be understating the fact. It’s here where I discovered the Underground. I found Robert Crumb and his brother’s in arms. I found that Richard Corben had his own piece of the comic book pie instead of short, 4 page epics in the pages of Heavy Metal and Creepy magazine. It was here that I also discovered Elfquest and the magic of Wendy and Richard Pini. My reason for this little diatribe is to tell you all that you can now read the Elfquest epic online. I’ll leave the details for you to discover on your own but, this is a great thing. Personally, I love holding the yellowed-pages in my hands and have recently purchased DC’s hardcover collections, (4 volumes) of the “Original Quest”, which I highly recommend. For those unaware or reluctant to dive into this world; this is a great opportunity to give it a try.Play Nice, Wolfriders.