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Inktober Day 8 – Videogamers

Inktober Day 8 – Videogamers published on No Comments on Inktober Day 8 – Videogamers

It was my son’s 14th birthday this week, this picture looks nothing like him. We came up with “Thamuel” as I was doodling with him, earlier this year. Ha ha, well I realize this makes me look like a pretty evil dad, but honestly, I have done lots of really nice drawings of him over the years… He was definitely the one pushing this direction, but OK I was seriously enabling!! :}

Anyway this is my final rendering of the character. I had meant to do it months ago, but it didn’t seem to quite work with all the digital inking I had been doing, which was just too clean. Thanks again Inktober! We even wrote a couple of quite funny strips, which I might post one day.

Can you tell which game he is playing?!?



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